Thursday, May 3, 2012

Front landscape, one month later

When you check on new plantings several times a day, like I'm doing, the growth feels glacial. I can't help it though; every seedling that pops up or bloom that sets into a fruit or vegetable just makes my day. So, I looked back at photos from when these plants went in about a month ago, and things have changed! Full sun and the drip irrigation are doing the trick. Here's the corner of the yard this afternoon: IMG_4522A
The artemesia, gregg's mist and sweet potato vine have all doubled or more in size since this shot a month ago :
The burgundy hibiscus today: IMG_4525A
And a month ago:
A month ago (opposite perspective): IMG_4270
The gaura love it here, but the firebush is not filling in as fast as I imagined; I'm already thinking about replacing it with a mutabilis rose this fall. The rosemary and artemesia went in at about the same size, but you can see below how the artemesia's outstripped the rosemary in just a few weeks. I've only ever had mature rosemary shrubs; is it normally slow to start out? IMG_4523A
The veggie bed's had the most growth. Today: IMG_4521A
April 9:
I knew that the zucchini was growing fast (never had veggies in full sun before!), but I wasn't sure the tomatoes were doing much. However, they've filled in nicely, and the watermelon vine is stretching out as well. I may have underestimated the space needed for zucchini (shown crowding out bush beans and eggplant): IMG_4520A IMG_4518A
And figs!


katina said...

Yeah - my rosemary plant started out as a tiny little sprig-let (about the size of a pinky finger), and now it's about 1.5' tall/ 4 years later.

Amy said...

Oh, dear. That is not a fast growing herb, is it? I'll work on my patience.