Monday, December 2, 2013

Accidental Butterfly Garden

When I chose the plants for the two beds on either side of the path to the back gate, I did not realize I was making a butterfly garden. But the white mistflower turned out to be a huge beacon to pollinators: butterflies, bees, hairy flies, you name it. Here's one of the prettier visitors. IMG_6512 Long view includes the sad chain link fence which will hopefully be covered in passionflower vine this time next year (and maybe some fritillaries). IMG_6559 The milkweed is the one plant specifically chosen for butterflies, and it's working just fine as you can see from the monarch and queen butterflies. IMG_6537 IMG_6544 Blue mistflower was nothing but uninteresting foliage from last fall till this november, but it's now a noteworthy plant. IMG_6561 IMG_6533 Martha Gonzales rose and pavonia mix in with the white mistflower. IMG_6489

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: September 2013

Happy Bloom Day! Been a while since I've done any blogging...or much gardening. It's still basically summer here, but the drought-tolerant plants have continued to bloom through the heat. Here's a look at what's blooming this weekend in my garden, and be sure to visit May Dreams Garden to see what's blooming around the world.

Firebush has been a huge bee attractor IMG_6456
Gaura floating above the artemesia IMG_6452
Gregg's Mistflower
Front garden tumbling over the straight edges, as usual IMG_6448
Candy stripe cosmos (the only cosmos seeds that grew in the curb strip) IMG_6445
Mystery volunteer...might be my favorite volunteer ever
Globe mallow, blackfoot daisy and bronze fennel blooms
Globe mallow and blackfoot are curb strip champions! (Sadly, so is the spurge in the bottom right...trying to get a handle on it)
Backyard: Thryallis, bronze fennel, zinnias, fireworks gomphrena and lemongrass
IMG_6431 IMG_6461 IMG_6436
Fireworks gomphrena
Bluebeard has started blooming again (anticipating fall, perhaps?)
Orange shrimp plant shaded by the unstoppable angel's trumpet
Kidneywood with a trumpet vine background
Black and yellow garden spider (apparently the zigzag is made by the female when a male is nearby)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Foliage Follow-up: June 2013

So, it's Foliage Follow-up Day over at Digging! The more I garden, the more I choose plants based on foliage rather than bloom. There's just something so fun about playing with textures and a more subtle palette, and right now the blonde Mexican feathergrass tangles and pale green velvet-soft leaves of the indian mallow are two of my favorites. But let's kick it off with Tropicana canna.IMG_6369 IMG_6370 IMG_6383 IMG_6368 IMG_3142 IMG_6374 IMG_6362 IMG_6376 IMG_6389 IMG_6364 IMG_6366
From the top: canna; artemesia; Mexican feathergrass; indian mallow; Gold Dust abutilon; mint and lemongrass; Greg's Mist, artemesia, firebush, Blackie sweet potato; basil; iris w/feathergrass and standing cypress; potted agave.

When I pruned up with Crepe Myrtle the other day, I was surprised to find I had almost missed the bark shedding, which I think is really beautiful. IMG_6379 The morning sun bed last week: IMG_2999 And this morning, sans angel's trumpet: IMG_6357 Sad to lose the blooms and full foliage, but the angel's trumpet was taking over (pulled up over 100 seedlings this year and still have a raised spot on my palm where I got stabbed through gloves with a seedpod two weeks ago). And hopefully the lemongrass and mint will fill in quickly.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: June 2013

It's time again to share what's blooming in your garden at May Dreams Garden. This month in my yard, the predominant colors are purple, orange and white. Pruned up the crepe myrtle and chopped the past-prime artichoke off at the base Thursday.
Indian mallow (cosmos and standing cypress beneath) IMG_3122 Trumpet vine is a beast, a beautiful beast that lends a lushness to the backyard. IMG_3135 It also threatens to shade out the other plants. I could easily prune an armload of this vine a week right now. IMG_3138 I finally have fireworks gomphrena! Lemongrass and mint in the background. IMG_6318 Orange cosmos are popping up everywhere, but I love them next to the bronze fennel. Garden muse Lena lurking behind. IMG_6316 Late larkspur coming up at random. IMG_6310 Milkweed IMG_6323 Curb strip dependables: blackfoot daisy and globe mallow IMG_6346 Mexican petunia volunteers (tropicana canna foliage in the middle) IMG_3127 Cigar plant IMG_6328 Beach vitex IMG_6329 White Rose of Sharon in my neighbor's yard provides a starry sky effect every morning and evening. IMG_6354 I inherited this bouquet on my sister's way out of nice. IMG_6353 Hope everyone has a lovely, bloom-filled weekend!