Sunday, May 20, 2012

MacGyvering in the garden and Mystery Foliage

The squirrels have been stealing the volunteer Roma tomatoes. And even though we didn't plant this one, it's been mulched and watered and caged and generally treated like one of the garden family. So, this feels personal, squirrels! IMG_4661
I am trying this, ah, scrappy solution to squirrel-proofing the remaining tomatoes. Basically, a mesh bag from some limes cut into two pieces and sewn shut on either end with green wire. It went on Thursday; so far, so good.

Using the fence to grow Scarlet Emperor and Royal Burgundy beans; the No Parking sign came with the house and keeps my dog from stepping on the plants. IMG_4658 I think these are crinum, but they have looked like this for the past year with no sign of doing anything different. And some iris next to them. Hoping the drip watering will help them be more exciting next spring? IMG_4647 A volunteer sunflower in the late afternoon sun (signs of more MacGyvering in the background, where an old gate is serving as a trellis for cucumbers) IMG_4663

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Lancashire rose said...

HA! I've done the very same thing myself. The lengths we gardeners will go to.