Friday, May 4, 2012

Color and a new garden bed

IMG_4505 IMG_4537 IMG_4531
Volunteer sunflowers are just outside the living room windows and so cheery. Cleared out the oaxalis in this bed (pulled up half, cut back half, so hopefully it'll be nice and lush again next spring) and planted seeds for a few dark red sunflower varieties and orange cosmos. IMG_4529
Decided to plant some things on the south side of the front porch last weekend. Before: P1020868 P1020867
And after everything got planted and mulched. Unearthed a brick border while digging in the soil and reused it. Clockwise from the left: beach vitex, a salvia w/dark blue blooms, Black Knight butterfly weed, copper canyon daisy, and liriope (not new). IMG_4515
To the right of the copper canyon are some false dayflowers I couldn't bring myself to uproot (still a few blue flowers there); in front of that, cigar plants. IMG_4517
On my 'to do' list this weekend, pull out dead cyclamen and replace with euphorbia. I should probably pull the kale out, too, but it still looks happy. IMG_4504
Need to get crazy with some scissors in here. Time to thin the zinnias and Mexican sunflowers...but it's so hard!

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