Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tulips and the Curb Strip

More curb strip blooms, but these are from mid-March. From the folder of garden pics that never got around to blogging. But I couldn't not share that amazing yellow center, which reminds me of a Cadbury egg "yolk". Or a child's idea of the sun. IMG_2248 Originally, I wanted to plant drumstick allium that would peek up through the Mexican feathergrass in spring...but when I went to order them online last fall, the shipping was three times the price of the bulbs. And on principle, I ended up selecting these tulips instead from Barton Springs Nursery. They're fairly modest, with the exception of that yellow center, 8-10 inches high. I've lost the packaging, but I'm pretty sure they're Lilac Wonder. IMG_6024 IMG_6022 When I was originally planning this curb strip, I was looking at Piet Oudolf's amazing work and imagining a little strip of prairie running along the street: grasses with verbena bonariensis and white cosmos mixed in...something like this at Olympic Gardens. A lot to ask of a little strip of land next to plenty of foot-, dog-, and bike traffic, but a gardener can dream.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pocket Lawn

So, who knew after spending years dealing with sprinklers and the gas mower at my old house, and the past year changing my front yard to xeriscape, that I would want to have a lawn again? But here it is, and it's small but wonderful. The sod is Zeon Zoysia, with only filtered and morning sun now that the Pecan has leafed out. I'm hoping once it gets established, it'll be a pretty low water use lawn. Obviously my dog Lloyd is a fan. IMG_2712 Before: IMG_6163 After: IMG_2709 It provides a little breathing space between all the beds and denser areas and is the only outdoor surface that actually feels nice on bare feet (decomposed granite and gravel are not great to walk on without shoes). Next project: even out the concrete paver path IMG_2708 And resolve the around and under the stairs landscape IMG_2714

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poppies in the curb strip

The breadseed poppies (Hungarian, Lauren's Grape and hen & chicks) are finally blooming! Between the poppies and the globe mallow, the bees are going wild. IMG_2705 IMG_6192 IMG_2701 IMG_2684 IMG_2700 IMG_6193 Missouri primrose at the other end of the curb strip. IMG_2703

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Foliage Follow-up: April 2013

IMG_2615 Fig, artichoke, Mexican feathergrass, artemisia IMG_6181 IMG_6173 Pale yellow firecracker fern, starting to show more red blooms IMG_2612 Bronze fennel and blue beard IMG_6156 Indian mallow has the softest leaves, a burgundy iris spent bloom IMG_6154 Burgundy and green foliage of the mutabilis rose makes a beautiful backdrop to its blooms IMG_2580 Pink indigo hiding beneath spring green foliage, partly nibbled IMG_6158 Front to back: artemisia, Mexican feathergrass, gaura, artichoke, fig, nandina IMG_6178

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: April 2013

So, I'm a day late for Bloom Day, but there's lots of color in the garden right now. To start off, gaura against a backdrop of Mexican feathergrass. IMG_6172 Mutabilis rose IMG_2590 Getting to know what kind of irises I have planted around the house, which is very exciting. Now I have to remember to mark them, so I know what I'm dividing in the fall. IMG_2583 IMG_2584 IMG_6160 Larkspur IMG_6151 Bougainvillea and cosmos are happy to be ignored near where the cars are parked bougainvillea Globe mallow and blackfoot daisy in the curb strip IMG_6176 Missouri primrose, curb strip IMG_2608 Iris under the crepe myrtle IMG_6177 Copper canyon IMG_2610 More deep burgundy iris along the side of the house (my favorite color so far) IMG_6166 To see more of what was blooming yesterday, check out May Dreams Gardens.