Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer veggies and a good rain

So, this happened last night. Local news said we got more like 2.5 inches, so maybe this is a fluke. IMG_4544
And summer vegetable harvest time is just starting to kick in. The full sun bed in front is leafy madness, and the tomato cage isn't doing it's job. IMG_4569
But you can glimpse some yellow pear variety hidden in all the leaves IMG_4568
Can you spot all three zucchini? IMG_4563
A japanese eggplant
Future sugar baby watermelon? IMG_4566 IMG_4567
The backyard "winter garden" is now pretty well shaded by pecan trees, so I don't know how productive these guys will be. But we've got a jalapeno IMG_4550
A non-regulation okra pod IMG_4548
A little pickling cucumber IMG_4551
And here are just a few plants that were looking happy after the rain. Mexican petunias are loving it here; can't wait for the burst of lavender. IMG_4554
Butterfly bush
Blackie sweet potato (two small plants joined up to make one mass of deep purple) IMG_4570

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