Thursday, May 17, 2012

San Antonio Botanical Garden

Went with some friends to the San Antonio Botanical Garden last weekend, first time I've seen it since I was a kid. Beautiful day. P1020901 P1020899 P1020920 P1020905
The garden for the blind is supposed to be all about the other senses (root beer scented hoja santa leaves, fuzzy geraniums), but the visual foliage combos were pretty striking. P1020910 P1020911 P1020917
Love the way water pools up in the center of bromeliads in the rainforest-y exhibit. P1020933 P1020925 P1020929 P1020936
Firework fern spilled over the stairs leading up to the desert garden P1020945 P1020948
One of my favorite exhibits was the front yard demos. One little mini house had a typical suburban lawn with annuals. Another subbed in zoysia grass for St. Augustine and waterwise plants for the annuals. Another went total wildscape. IMG_1501 IMG_1497
I may have to steal this path idea for my garden. IMG_1485
Children's vegetable garden. Wish my grown-up veggies looked this great! P1020951 P1020949
Rose garden.
IMG_1508 IMG_1510
Redbud, potted bonsai-style. IMG_1505 IMG_1504

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