Monday, December 2, 2013

Accidental Butterfly Garden

When I chose the plants for the two beds on either side of the path to the back gate, I did not realize I was making a butterfly garden. But the white mistflower turned out to be a huge beacon to pollinators: butterflies, bees, hairy flies, you name it. Here's one of the prettier visitors. IMG_6512 Long view includes the sad chain link fence which will hopefully be covered in passionflower vine this time next year (and maybe some fritillaries). IMG_6559 The milkweed is the one plant specifically chosen for butterflies, and it's working just fine as you can see from the monarch and queen butterflies. IMG_6537 IMG_6544 Blue mistflower was nothing but uninteresting foliage from last fall till this november, but it's now a noteworthy plant. IMG_6561 IMG_6533 Martha Gonzales rose and pavonia mix in with the white mistflower. IMG_6489