Sunday, June 16, 2013

Foliage Follow-up: June 2013

So, it's Foliage Follow-up Day over at Digging! The more I garden, the more I choose plants based on foliage rather than bloom. There's just something so fun about playing with textures and a more subtle palette, and right now the blonde Mexican feathergrass tangles and pale green velvet-soft leaves of the indian mallow are two of my favorites. But let's kick it off with Tropicana canna.IMG_6369 IMG_6370 IMG_6383 IMG_6368 IMG_3142 IMG_6374 IMG_6362 IMG_6376 IMG_6389 IMG_6364 IMG_6366
From the top: canna; artemesia; Mexican feathergrass; indian mallow; Gold Dust abutilon; mint and lemongrass; Greg's Mist, artemesia, firebush, Blackie sweet potato; basil; iris w/feathergrass and standing cypress; potted agave.

When I pruned up with Crepe Myrtle the other day, I was surprised to find I had almost missed the bark shedding, which I think is really beautiful. IMG_6379 The morning sun bed last week: IMG_2999 And this morning, sans angel's trumpet: IMG_6357 Sad to lose the blooms and full foliage, but the angel's trumpet was taking over (pulled up over 100 seedlings this year and still have a raised spot on my palm where I got stabbed through gloves with a seedpod two weeks ago). And hopefully the lemongrass and mint will fill in quickly.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: June 2013

It's time again to share what's blooming in your garden at May Dreams Garden. This month in my yard, the predominant colors are purple, orange and white. Pruned up the crepe myrtle and chopped the past-prime artichoke off at the base Thursday.
Indian mallow (cosmos and standing cypress beneath) IMG_3122 Trumpet vine is a beast, a beautiful beast that lends a lushness to the backyard. IMG_3135 It also threatens to shade out the other plants. I could easily prune an armload of this vine a week right now. IMG_3138 I finally have fireworks gomphrena! Lemongrass and mint in the background. IMG_6318 Orange cosmos are popping up everywhere, but I love them next to the bronze fennel. Garden muse Lena lurking behind. IMG_6316 Late larkspur coming up at random. IMG_6310 Milkweed IMG_6323 Curb strip dependables: blackfoot daisy and globe mallow IMG_6346 Mexican petunia volunteers (tropicana canna foliage in the middle) IMG_3127 Cigar plant IMG_6328 Beach vitex IMG_6329 White Rose of Sharon in my neighbor's yard provides a starry sky effect every morning and evening. IMG_6354 I inherited this bouquet on my sister's way out of nice. IMG_6353 Hope everyone has a lovely, bloom-filled weekend!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

This Week in the Garden

The front walk is looking very blonde these days with all the Mexican feathergrass and pale yellow firecracker fern. IMG_6268 My cat, on the other hand, is not looking blonde at all IMG_3041 End of the artichoke days IMG_6262 I read here that you can cut the plant back to the ground in June and it will put out new stalks in the fall. So cool, especially as I was thinking of it as an annual! I've put some burgundy okra seeds at the base of the plant, and hopefully they'll fill in the spot while it's dormant. IMG_6265 On the more vibrant side, golden thryallis and coral bean are kicking into gear against the front of the house. IMG_6259 Cigar plant is looking its best along the side of the house. And while the copper canyon behind it has finished blooming, the foliage makes a lovely backdrop. IMG_6273 Trimmed up the possumhaw this week. And while I was at it, I noticed some nice, soft (sedge?) grass clumps along the drip irrigation line (hoping they'll multiply). Still brainstorming landscape ideas for this side yard. IMG_6278 Only one more fennel bulb left (last one harvested was sauteed with butter and white wine and mussels), and that one's just for seed. IMG_3044 The neighboring plants are appreciating the space the fennel harvesting freed up. The other plants on Friday: red okra, a couple of basils, shallots, japanese eggplant...and a Cherokee purple tomato, with two full-size green tomatoes on it. You can see one resting on the stone border. Protected by bird netting. IMG_6271 Which does absolutely nothing to stop a determined squirrel. I've learned my lesson: only cherry tomatoes from now on. IMG_3042 Next to the veggie bed in the decomposed granite is a volunteer watermelon...guess that's the silver lining in having raccoons or squirrels break into a couple last summer. IMG_3045 Volunteer angel's trumpet has taken over this bed, and I'm slowly cutting it back...which is hard because the blooms are gorgeous. Gotta give the lemongrass, mint and shrimp plant I planted last fall a chance, though. IMG_2999 The same bed from the other direction: loving the bronze fennel, but I wish I had planted it behind the shorter Blue Beard Caryopteris right behind it...again, I was thinking it was an annual. IMG_6282 Surprise! Some non-orange cosmos came up from seed I threw out last year. IMG_6294 Another surprise! Some daylilies survived the renovation on the garage apartment two summers ago. IMG_3008 So much happening in the garden these days before full summer...enjoying everything but the mosquitos.