Monday, April 30, 2012

Gold in the Trumpet Vine

Saw a flash of warm gold in the pecan tree next door while I was sitting at my computer. Some type of oriole, I think, female or juvenile. Grabbed the telephoto lens and took these photos of the antics from the comfort of my desk chair (an entirely different view than the bare fence I looked at all winter). Apparently there's good eatin' in trumpet vine flowers. IMG_4457 IMG_4479 IMG_4496 IMG_4484 IMG_4483 IMG_4493


Cat said...

Apparently there is good eating high up in the canopy of the live oaks too. Saw the same orange bellies while enjoying the evening breeze. Way too high for a photo. Glad you were able to get some shots. I was prompted to put out more fruit for them.

Amy said...

So, maybe it's just their time to pass through Austin? Or are they summer residents? Do love to see the colorful birds.