Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Garden Conservancy Open Days

Just now getting around to posting photos from the garden tour on November 3. My mother and I stopped at three of the gardens on list, all beautiful and inspiring. Our big takeaway was to leave enough spaces for conversation areas, or "outdoor rooms." And to paint window trim periwinkle. And maybe to train pyracantha on a stone wall espalier-style. Full set of photos here.

Garden of Jennifer & Fred Myers IMG_1817 IMG_1776 IMG_1775 IMG_1780 IMG_1793 IMG_1813 IMG_1808 IMG_1820
IMG_1834 IMG_1790
IMG_1825 IMG_1798
 Garden of Yvonne Tocquigny & Tom Fornoff IMG_1933 IMG_1836 IMG_1841 IMG_1860 IMG_1853 IMG_1855
Christine Ten Eyck/Gary Deaver Garden IMG_1879 IMG_1882 IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1890 IMG_1899 IMG_1904 IMG_1894 IMG_1921 IMG_1924 IMG_1874 IMG_1923 IMG_1863