Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Days of thistles and butterflies...and rock slides

IMG_1405 IMG_1403 IMG_1410 IMG_1418 IMG_1394 IMG_1387 IMG_1386 It was all hearts and thistles and butterflies till I came upon this yellow tape stretched across Walnut Creek. What?! IMG_1427 IMG_1429 The entire side of the cliff fell down into the creek. Just this past Friday, I was walking exactly where the rock fell (luckily it did not come down till Monday). And according to the news, no one was injured. Guess I won't be taking the strength of rock walls for granted anymore!


Linda/patchwork said...

Wow! How scary. So glad you..or anyone else...were not there when it happened.

Amy said...

Pretty amazing considering how many people and dogs and bicyclists go past there on a daily basis!