Friday, April 27, 2012

Trumpets and Volunteer Tomatoes

IMG_4395 Trumpet vine has been opening its orange-red bells all week. IMG_4393 Above is the view from my back porch. You can see behind the canna that the vine has put a pretty solid claim on the fence (and anything near the fence). Saw a hummingbird visit for a sip yesterday. IMG_1382 First angel's trumpet bloom of the year. This started in a 4" pot from the Ladybird Wildflower Center sale several years ago and somehow survived last summer's drought and my move. P1020850 P1020851 The buds always fool me into thinking it might bloom lavender instead of white.

Below: Volunteer tomato 1, Roma. IMG_4403 IMG_4401 I love a volunteer in the garden, but there's just something extra special about these tomatoes because there wasn't a vegetable garden anywhere here before. No pot that they strayed from. The only thing that used to be where this Roma is was lawn. Then that died, and the spot was parking. It's like a little savory miracle.

Below: Volunteer tomato 2, cherry IMG_4397 IMG_4400 This one's right next to my back porch where the ground used to be covered in concrete. IMG_4398 And I threw out some seeds a week ago in a patch of dirt that I haven't figured out a landscape plan for yet. Just thought it'd be nice to have some cosmos and sunflowers. And apparently zinnias (I found an unlabeled ziploc bag of seeds that I thought were Mexican sunflowers but turned out to be zinnias).


Cat said...

That angel trumpet is a gorgeous color as it unfolds. I bought one completely on impulse at Zilkerfest a few weeks ago. It's dark purple on the outside and white on the inside. Really pretty. I didn't realize the blooms only last a yours? The canna looks great with the trumpet vine too.

Amy said...

That variety of angel's trumpet sounds pretty stunning. This bloom lasted only till the full sun got to it, but I've usually had them last a couple of days.