Friday, April 13, 2012

Wildflowers at Walnut Creek

IMG_1284 IMG_1286 IMG_1287 IMG_1278 IMG_1274 IMG_1273 IMG_1280 IMG_1264 IMG_1267 IMG_1265 IMG_1260 IMG_1256 The bluebonnets are going to seed, but there are plenty of other wildflowers bursting onto the scene. And the entire park is perfumed with honeysuckle. Below, another one of the weird caterpillars I keep finding: dying or transforming? Hard to tell. IMG_1268


Cat said...

You must love your walks! The wildflowers have been amazing this year. Someone just posted that the slimy/melting caterpillars are caused by a virus. Mother Nature's way of controlling them I guess. There sure are a lot of them this year.

Mulish said...

I thought the slimy melting caterpillar was melting b/c of the BT that I sprayed. It's a virus?!

Amy said...

A virus! Well, I'm relieved that the dill in my garden that they were dying on wasn't somehow doused in pesticide (I try to run an organic ship), but I was hoping for some butterflies/moths from the foraging.

And I do love my morning walks with the dog! So much to see this time of year.