Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tulips and the Curb Strip

More curb strip blooms, but these are from mid-March. From the folder of garden pics that never got around to blogging. But I couldn't not share that amazing yellow center, which reminds me of a Cadbury egg "yolk". Or a child's idea of the sun. IMG_2248 Originally, I wanted to plant drumstick allium that would peek up through the Mexican feathergrass in spring...but when I went to order them online last fall, the shipping was three times the price of the bulbs. And on principle, I ended up selecting these tulips instead from Barton Springs Nursery. They're fairly modest, with the exception of that yellow center, 8-10 inches high. I've lost the packaging, but I'm pretty sure they're Lilac Wonder. IMG_6024 IMG_6022 When I was originally planning this curb strip, I was looking at Piet Oudolf's amazing work and imagining a little strip of prairie running along the street: grasses with verbena bonariensis and white cosmos mixed in...something like this at Olympic Gardens. A lot to ask of a little strip of land next to plenty of foot-, dog-, and bike traffic, but a gardener can dream.

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