Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Foliage Follow-up: April 2013

IMG_2615 Fig, artichoke, Mexican feathergrass, artemisia IMG_6181 IMG_6173 Pale yellow firecracker fern, starting to show more red blooms IMG_2612 Bronze fennel and blue beard IMG_6156 Indian mallow has the softest leaves, a burgundy iris spent bloom IMG_6154 Burgundy and green foliage of the mutabilis rose makes a beautiful backdrop to its blooms IMG_2580 Pink indigo hiding beneath spring green foliage, partly nibbled IMG_6158 Front to back: artemisia, Mexican feathergrass, gaura, artichoke, fig, nandina IMG_6178


Renee said...

Very nice pictures! I hope my artichoke plant looks like yours next year!

Amy Farrier said...

Thanks. That artichoke got a little bigger than I expected and is crowding the grasses, but it's hard to argue with a big, happy plant. Drip irrigation has helped a lot with that!