Monday, April 29, 2013

Pocket Lawn

So, who knew after spending years dealing with sprinklers and the gas mower at my old house, and the past year changing my front yard to xeriscape, that I would want to have a lawn again? But here it is, and it's small but wonderful. The sod is Zeon Zoysia, with only filtered and morning sun now that the Pecan has leafed out. I'm hoping once it gets established, it'll be a pretty low water use lawn. Obviously my dog Lloyd is a fan. IMG_2712 Before: IMG_6163 After: IMG_2709 It provides a little breathing space between all the beds and denser areas and is the only outdoor surface that actually feels nice on bare feet (decomposed granite and gravel are not great to walk on without shoes). Next project: even out the concrete paver path IMG_2708 And resolve the around and under the stairs landscape IMG_2714


Felicia said...

Lloyd looks happier than a pig in poo :) I've been whittling down my lawn for the past couple of years and have decided to leave a little as well. My gardening guru, Felder Rushing, suggested having enough lawn so that it appears to be an area rug in your garden room. That just what your patch of lawn looks like.

Lancashire rose said...

I can see you are not the only one enjoying this new patch of green. I actually have always thought that lawn is a lot easier to look after! Bite my tongue. I actually used to love going out there with the lawn mower. It always looked so tidy after I finished. Zoysia is a good choice.

Amy Farrier said...

Felicia, that is exactly how happy Lloyd is! I like the area rug image. Lancashire rose: I almost didn't post this because lawns are becoming a little passe in the garden world of Austin. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who likes a little tidy area in the midst of the wild perennial beds.