Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 2010

Lots of blooms in the front yard this time. It seems like every day brings a whole new batch of color, with the gentle pink of evening primrose and the dark red of autumn sage most prominent.

First coreopsis of the year unfolding yesterday

Moss verbena comes back every spring

Need to get this gazania planted today!

The backyard's got some good blooms, too, and smells amazing (honeysuckle & jasmine NOT the pyracantha below)

Shallot buds

Eve's necklace

Last of the freesia

This potted succulent is a survivor: drought, freezes, you name it

Okay, it's foliage (canna tropicana), but it's showier than most blooms

Addendum: the rain brought on a sage bloom this afternoon.


Noelle said...

What beautiful flowers. I recognize many of my favorites....the Autumn Sage, Verbena and Mexican Evening Primrose :-)

Melody said...

You have so much blooming! The scented blooms always lift my spirits.