Sunday, April 4, 2010

Funky Chicken Coop Tour 2010

The tour was really fun again this year, but somehow I got home with a camera full of garden pictures and only a couple of chicken photos. Guess I'm in spring garden mode!

My favorite stop was on East 2nd Street: great landscaping, healthy vegetable garden, chicken coop mixed with compost area that the hens aerate. Plus, a great planter area made from the remains of a 90 year old clay sewer system.

I've driven by Springdale Farm many times wondering what it was, so I was excited to see it as a stop on the tour. And it was HUGE! The owners started it to grow food for themselves and friends but kept expanding. Lots of chickens and the coop was the nicest on the inside (lots of little chicken-sized "rooms"); there was a separate area for chicks and ducklings. You can go by weekdays and buy fresh eggs.

Flowers and veggies at Boggy Creek. These iris were the ones I planted in my garden last fall (still no blooms on mine).

Eastside Cafe: love the use of random materials in their garden and the way they use mint around some beds

Really nice shaded coop on Karen Ave.

One last garden for inspiration on Eva, across from a coop stop:


Noelle said...

The gardens are beautiful and the coop - very cool. My sister is enjoying her 6 week old chicks that no longer look like chicks anymore. The fork in the fence is just priceless. What a great idea :-)

Amy Farrier said...

Glad you liked the gardens; the fork in the fence place also uses antique metal bed frames around veggie beds and has an 8-ft tall beanpole teepee.

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