Saturday, April 10, 2010

Backyard veggies and blooms

tomatoes, pepper, basil, and lemongrass plants for the garden

parsley, fennel, lemon balm, and onions in the bigger bed

spiderwort behind the veggie bed

transitioning the square foot bed from winter to summer veggies:
shallot, freesia, and lacinato kale

salad mix, strawberries, onions, and beets

eve's necklace tree in bloom

honeysuckle is back and bigger than ever


Kate said...

Hi, Amy;
Every time I visit I smile at your 'about me' that mentions the patience with Plumeria. I have 2 stalks in my sunny window that have set the slowest timetable. Argh...

Anyhoo, I loved your photos. I'm anxious to see my own honeysuckle bloom, though I need to be patient with that one, too. :)

Amy Farrier said...

Kate, good luck with your plumeria and honeysuckle! I was a little too tough love with my potted plants over the winter, and the plumeria look like goners. sigh. I might try putting one in the ground this year. Do you use plumeria food on yours?

The smell of honeysuckle is amazing right now!