Saturday, June 2, 2012

Front garden: Month Two

Happy two month anniversary new garden! Everything's growing so fast and is already at the size I was hoping for by the end of summer rather than the beginning. That's a first.

Here's the front yard to the left of the path at the beginning of April.
And now.
The burgundy hibiscus hasn't bloomed in a few weeks, but it's, uh, huge. Or rather, it's outgrowing the space I allowed it, but I suppose that's what happens with an impulse purchase that doesn't have spacing requirements on the tag. Gave it some organic hibiscus food a couple of weeks ago to get the blooming chemistry right, but no effect yet. The fig's still there, hiding behind the hibiscus, but it hasn't really grown in size. The Mexican feathergrasses that came in 4 inch pots have already caught up to the ones that came in gallon pots, though.

And to the right of the front path back in early April.
IMG_4270 IMG_4271
And now.
IMG_4769 IMG_4771
The firebush really came into its own in the past two weeks, and the watermelon vine on the left has decided to tie the veggie bed in with the landscape. More power to it!
Veggie bed in early April:
And now. (note to self: next time around, try training the tomatoes up because they are not pretty when they do their own thing!) Clockwise from the top left corner: bush beans, zinnias, black plum tomato, basil, watermelon, yellow pear tomato, more zinnia seedlings, eggplant, and shallots.
And here's the veggie bed from another angle in early May, before squash vine borers killed the zucchini.
And now.
Looking forward to what the next month brings...aside from scorching heat.


Roberta said...

Wow, everything looks so good! It's all thriving. I can't believe how fast it all grew. Do you use fish emulsion or anything of the kind for transplant shock? I like how the watermelon took things into it's own hands :)

Amy Farrier said...

Thanks! I think I used fish emulsion on the perennials that bloom once (and liquid seaweed every week or two on the annuals), and some compost was dug in with each new planting hole. Also, it may have helped that the front yard got to "rest" this past year; the lawn was dead by spring 2011 when I bought the house, and nothing got planted till this spring. Now it's like magic dirt.

Lancashire rose said...

Everything has really taken off and looks great. What is the hibiscus? Is it perennial? Lovely shade to add some contrast tot he garden. I don't think it will be long before that fig takes over the whole plot and you will be looking for shade plants!

Amy Farrier said...

I think the hibiscus is a perennial, but I can't find the tag that came with it anymore. It came from Barton Springs Nursery, so I might ask them. And I'm a fan of the maroon foliage, too! My idea for that spot was a japanese barberry, but this one seemed like a thornless substitute. I have daydreams of a huge front yard fig that provides house shade and fruit...fingers crossed.