Saturday, July 3, 2010

Landscaping Project update

Thursday was day 3 of the project, and the rest of the granite mulch and some flagstone will go in about a week from now. Which gives me some time to pick plants to soften the outside edges of the two square beds. Even unfinished, I'm really pleased with it (awesome job, Tim and Juan!). You can actually see the metal border of the original perennial bed, which was lost in the lawn before. Plus, we've gotten a little sun and no rain so far today, and the granite is actually looking pink rather than muddy brown. Here are some views:
So, yeah. Looks likes I need to do some major garden editing here. I don't know how things got this packed in there, but now that's there's a clean edge, it's noticeable. The cactus will be transplanted to the granite section, partially screening one of the square veggie beds.
Love the way the rock edge follows the original metal curve.
Plants for outside the square beds: pride of barbados, 3 pink skullcaps (on sale over at Barton Springs nursery), and possibly the gray santolina.


katina said...

Wow, your project looks awesome!

Amy said...


Bob said...

It looks great. I like the crowded look in gardens. No ground showing, no weeds.

Amy said...

Thanks, Bob. Sadly bermuda grass is one of the things that has gotten in and "helped" crowd in around the red sages in the front and a few other places. But you can't be a gardener without something to weed, right?

Jennifer Lynn said...

your landscaping looks awesome!!!!! i need to come by and see it in person.