Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: July 2010

Backyard: 'Golden' cosmos; thryallis (aka rain of gold) happily blooming for year 4 in its too-small pot; volunteer sunflower; coral nymph salvia; rain lily in the middle of the lawn (no rain since the weekend and I haven't watered, so I'm not sure why).
Front yard: Russian sage; volunteer Mexican petunias; indigo spires salvia; flame acanthus against a backdrop of blooming sage (cenizo); pride of barbados (just went into the new crushed granite area on Tuesday); firebush starting to settle in; 'diamond frost' euphorbia, the most dependable bloomer around...where have you been all my gardening life?
Okay, these last two are cheating a bit, but first is a rock rose (you can't see its 4" pot...I don't know why I buy pink flowers; I never know what to do with them once I get home); and a Bordered Patch (?) butterfly sunning in the chaste tree, with an end-of-season standing cypress in the back.

Not pictured but blooming: Turk's cap; cucumber, watermelon & beans; strawberry; butterfly weed; oregano & mint; pale blue mystery sage; pink ladyslipper; kalanchoe; geraniums; coreopsis; purple verbena. Visit more gardens around the world at May Dreams Gardens.


Mary said...

Nice pictures! Pride of Barbados is one of my favorite plants. I started mine from a cutting about a month ago, and so far its doing great. Just noticed new growth on it!

Kate said...

Wow. That pride of barbados is just stunning. I've never heard of it before but it's very cool. Great pics and I loved seeing your little butterfly. Happy Bloom Day. :)

ConsciousGardener said...

Everything looks lovely! My Plumaria hasn't bloomed yet this summer...has yours?

noel said...


i love your photos of your beautiful flowers especially that sweet little poinciana, it almost looks like a bonsai

thanks for sharing your blooms today.

Amy said...

Thanks, all. I've been wanting a Pride of Barbados forever, so I'm hoping it likes its spot. And, no, my plumeria hasn't bloomed yet either. Keep expecting to see a little bud cluster one of these days...

Tufa Girl said...

Lovely garden. I would say you have the patience and nurturing down pat.

Carol said...

A great showing for bloom day! This year is so much better than last year for all of you gardening in Austin!