Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tobacco hornworm

Found this big ol' guy on one of my tomato plants this morning. Since I actually would like a few tomatoes, I cut the branch he was on and moved it near the bird bath. After a few minutes, knowing what hungry blue jays I have, I got guilty and moved him to the top of the compost heap. Far, far from the tomatoes.


Meredith said...

Great photo of the hornworm! My count so far is 5 -- two babies and three big. The birds seem to love them, and the hornworm population has exceeded my guilt level over wanting to get rid of them, so I actively take them to the birds now.I still think they are very pretty caterpillars, at least until they get grotesquely huge. Now I'm having to decide what to do with the armyworm caterpillar that's eating my lily pads!

Amy said...

That's a lot of hornworms! I'll probably get over my guilt pretty fast when I start seeing more destruction. Good luck with the armyworm!