Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another garden tour

So, yesterday was the first annual Austin Community Garden Tour, and I checked out the Blackshear and Alamo community gardens. The first was a fairly new plot (started 2 years ago) on city-owned land over a storm drain; without the garden, it would have been a blank spot right in the middle of a residential block. Instead, lots of veggies for the neighborhood, and even a little cookout spot. Alamo has been around for about 20 years and was 2-3 times the size of Blackshear. Lots of vegetable beds, some herbs and flowers, and a sizeable compost area for both high-heat and worm composting.

Sadly, I was too busy picking up tips to take any pictures. But I did stop by East Side Cafe for a bit to check out the vegetables and chickens.
Chickens on the move
Rock star hair
And a very cool fence & gate on the east side somewhere between Manor and E 6th St.

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