Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day: May 2013

Happy bloom day (hosted by May Dreams Gardens). These pics are from yesterday, which is lucky, because it's a little rainy today. To kick the list of blooming things off: sea creature? Or artichoke close-up?
My sister's plot next door: Peony poppies (how amazingly frilly are these?) IMG_2871 IMG_2870
My 2-year-old nephew was in charge of seed spacing IMG_2873 IMG_2810
Front yard: Mexican feathergrass, artichokes, gaura IMG_2828 IMG_2822 IMG_2803 IMG_2806 IMG_2805
Coral bean (first bloom of the year) IMG_2832
Curb strip: poppy
Globe mallow and blackfoot daisy IMG_2825
Missouri primrose
Back yard: second round of iris IMG_2885
White mistflower
Butterfly weed (any idea on what these beetles are??) IMG_2876
Volunteer angel's trumpets IMG_2815 IMG_2816
Volunteer Mexican petunia next to the A/C unit IMG_2819
Dill, fennel and shallots are all bolting...I mean, blooming IMG_2835 IMG_2834 Check out what's blooming around the world this Bloom Day here.


Lancashire rose said...

It certainly looks inviting to walk up to your front door with all those beautiful natives. I wanted to see my dill bloom but aphids just destroyed it. It did, however, produce a great batch of swallowtails which I am grateful for. The artichoke is spectacular. Happy Bloom Day to you and your garden.

Nicole said...

The artichoke is stunning, makes me want to plant a tree! The poppies are so pretty.

Nicole said...

The artichoke is stunning, makes me want to plant a tree! The poppies are so pretty.

bookworm said...

I have never seen an artichoke plant before (believe it or not). What lovely flowers! Something that would not be hardy where I live in upstate New York.

Steph@RamblingWren said...

Beautiful blooms! The artichoke is stealing the show. I need to plant some poppies next year. They are so pretty.

Bob said...

That is a stunning purple peony poppy. We have a lot of the pink but I've never seen the purple.

Your garden is looking great this year.

Anna K said...

Beautiful! I wish I had Datura seedlings in my yard - they are so delicious! Love the Mexican Feather grass too!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I wish my globe mallow were doing half as well as yours.

scottweberpdx said...

The Gaura paired with the Mexican Feather Grass is sheer perfection!

katina said...

Amy - Totally weird and not intentional in any way, but I happened to ride by your house this morning on my way to work (bike to work day and all). We were riding along (after turning down the wrong street, mind you) admiring the yards and I pointed out the giant artichoke plant and yelled "ARTICHOKE!" and then was like "Wait! I KNOW that artichoke plant....THAT'S AMY's HOUSE!"

My husband was unimpressed because he figures all of us garden bloggers know where all the other bloggers live - on account of me always pointing out other people's houses whenever we're driving around town. I said that unlike the other folks whom I know where their houses are because I've been to them, your house is one that we just happened to ride by and it was just kismet that we rode by.

Amy Farrier said...

Thanks, everyone. Katina, you know you're a gardener-to-the-core when you recognize a specific artichoke plant while cycling by! That is hilarious (and kismet). Bob, I think the purple peony poppy seeds came from Swallowtail Gardens, but I'm not sure which variety.