Sunday, September 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: September 2013

Happy Bloom Day! Been a while since I've done any blogging...or much gardening. It's still basically summer here, but the drought-tolerant plants have continued to bloom through the heat. Here's a look at what's blooming this weekend in my garden, and be sure to visit May Dreams Garden to see what's blooming around the world.

Firebush has been a huge bee attractor IMG_6456
Gaura floating above the artemesia IMG_6452
Gregg's Mistflower
Front garden tumbling over the straight edges, as usual IMG_6448
Candy stripe cosmos (the only cosmos seeds that grew in the curb strip) IMG_6445
Mystery volunteer...might be my favorite volunteer ever
Globe mallow, blackfoot daisy and bronze fennel blooms
Globe mallow and blackfoot are curb strip champions! (Sadly, so is the spurge in the bottom right...trying to get a handle on it)
Backyard: Thryallis, bronze fennel, zinnias, fireworks gomphrena and lemongrass
IMG_6431 IMG_6461 IMG_6436
Fireworks gomphrena
Bluebeard has started blooming again (anticipating fall, perhaps?)
Orange shrimp plant shaded by the unstoppable angel's trumpet
Kidneywood with a trumpet vine background
Black and yellow garden spider (apparently the zigzag is made by the female when a male is nearby)


Steph@RamblingWren said...

You have so many beautiful blooms. That Firebush is huge! I just planted one last year and the hummingbirds adore it. Love the cosmos and Zinnias. They are so pretty!

Pam/Digging said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous! I love that mystery volunteer too. If you find out what it is, I hope you'll let us know. said...

Beautiful garden! and I've never a seen a spider do that?

Dorothy Borders said...

I see we have several plants in common and I'm glad to see that you, too, have a soft spot for "volunteers"!

Love the garden spider. I always look for them at this time of year, but haven't found any in my garden yet.

Lancashire rose said...

Yes, the mystery volunteer is the shaggy portulaca. You will likely always have it but only starting in September.

Bob said...

I think your mystery volunteer is a native portulaca. I believe Jenny has some pictures of some on her blog post this time as well.

Bob said...

I think your mystery volunteer is a native portulaca. I believe Jenny has some pictures on her most recent blog post of some as well.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...