Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: June 2013

It's time again to share what's blooming in your garden at May Dreams Garden. This month in my yard, the predominant colors are purple, orange and white. Pruned up the crepe myrtle and chopped the past-prime artichoke off at the base Thursday.
Indian mallow (cosmos and standing cypress beneath) IMG_3122 Trumpet vine is a beast, a beautiful beast that lends a lushness to the backyard. IMG_3135 It also threatens to shade out the other plants. I could easily prune an armload of this vine a week right now. IMG_3138 I finally have fireworks gomphrena! Lemongrass and mint in the background. IMG_6318 Orange cosmos are popping up everywhere, but I love them next to the bronze fennel. Garden muse Lena lurking behind. IMG_6316 Late larkspur coming up at random. IMG_6310 Milkweed IMG_6323 Curb strip dependables: blackfoot daisy and globe mallow IMG_6346 Mexican petunia volunteers (tropicana canna foliage in the middle) IMG_3127 Cigar plant IMG_6328 Beach vitex IMG_6329 White Rose of Sharon in my neighbor's yard provides a starry sky effect every morning and evening. IMG_6354 I inherited this bouquet on my sister's way out of nice. IMG_6353 Hope everyone has a lovely, bloom-filled weekend!


NellJean said...

Purple, orange and white -- my fav combo with a little chartreuse and pale yellow thrown in.

Your Lena, my Ike, garden helpers.

I think I might find some great ideas in your blog. Some of my best plants came from Texas seeds: Pride of Barbados, Esperanza and Duranta. Wait, I think I bought that Duranta but I got the idea from Texas.

Happy Bloom Day.

Amy Farrier said...

Chartreuse! That's exactly the color I need to throw in the mix (I'm also a fan). Pride of Barbados is also one of my faves.