Sunday, July 1, 2012

Watermelon and other garden excitement

It's raining! What a wonderful Sunday morning surprise. Everything's already looking better in the garden (with the exception of dozens of small green pecans that fell off the trees overnight...hmm).

Picked this watermelon yesterday. It could have stood a few more days on the vine, but it was starting to show some claw marks and I was afraid to wait any longer. Great flavor and close to full sweetness. There's one more this size still on the vine that I'm determined to wait on until the curly tendril near the stem is fully dried (it's about 30% dried now).
Here's some size reference: 2 days worth of yellow pear tomatoes and the sugar baby melon.
An 'Art Deco' zinnia (4 inches across) from the veggie bed
Little zinnias from the back, in the morning sun
One day's harvest...enough tomatoes to throw in a couple of meals a day, but not quite substantial enough to preserve/can. The great thing about these smaller sizes is that only a few have been lost to pests, but I think I may try at least one larger variety next time.


Linda/patchwork said...

Raining? Oh how I wish it would here in Wimberley. Keeping my fingers crossed.

You had a nice harvest. I have some larger tomatoes this year, and am having to ripen them inside. As soon as they get color, the squirrels move in.

I've never grown watermelons, though. Maybe I should, since their prices seem to only go up.

Stay cool....

Amy Farrier said...

Those squirrels! Hope the rain moved out your way, too...