Sunday, July 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: July 2012

Got another good rain last night, so everything was a little weighed down by waterdrops this morning. But oh so happy! Here is the Natchez crape myrtle with firebush and Gregg's mist blooming in the background.
IMG_5129 IMG_5125 IMG_5127
Firecracker fern (love how some of the pale yellow blooms have a streak of red) IMG_5121 IMG_5114
Long view of the crape myrtle and the top of the vegetable garden. The paler of the pink zinnias is now 4' tall.
Cigar plant with Black Knight butterfly bush in the background. IMG_5106
Mexican petunias don't need much, but they are loving this rain. IMG_5105
And pre-rain, the Aztec Sun tithonia (Mexican sunflowers) started blooming. It's pretty, but I wish I had planted the deep orange ones.
Cosmos are made for summer. The tithonia (right) has crowded out the colorful little zinnias with its big, soft foliage.
And this morning after the rain (I've been propping them back up with a chair, and they recover nicely) IMG_5101
This week has been the week of datura blooms. P1020965
The datura is potted but here is masquerading as a landscape plant. All ten of these bloomed on one night and the scent from my back steps was amazing. IMG_5078
These little yellow rain lilies have been popping up all week. IMG_5096
Moving on to fruits and veggies, my nephew was excited about the watermelon harvested last Sunday. And I was, too! This one had a really lovely, complex flavor and sweetness. IMG_5066
I've run through all my small tomato ideas...
For more gardens, visit May Dreams Gardens. Happy Bloom Day!


RBell said...

Really like those yellow rain lilies. Any idea as to their variety?

Amy Farrier said...

I think they might be called Jones' rainlilies, and they're all over my neighborhood at the moment.

Sue said...

So you're the one getting all the rain! Lots in bloom for you. We grow many similiar plants although I suspect what are annuals for me may be perennial for you. Happy Bloom Day!

Birdwoman said...

Lovely, lovely pictures. Those rain lilies are really magical, aren't they? I see that we have several plants in common. Happy Bloom Day!

Missy said...

After seeing your white crepe myrtle with the firebush I want one in my garden. What a great combination.

scottweberpdx said...

Yay for the rain...the garden looks refreshed! I Love that you prop up the fallen plants...I do much the same thing :-)