Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall in the garden

The copper canyon is blooming alongside artemesia, indigo spires salvia (which the bees and fuzzy caterpillars are loving), and flame acanthus.
The tropicana canna foliage is beautiful, which makes up for the fact that it didn't bloom this year.
Another non-bloomer for the year: plumeria...time to move it to the shed.
The Mexican sunflowers are still producing flowers, but have become scraggly and are mostly gone to seed. However, when I pushed them back, a pale pink Turk's cap bloom was hiding underneath. This plant came from a cutting from my mother's garden and was a small transplant this spring. And it just started blooming in November...very confusing.
The pyracantha berries are bright red now.
And all the veggies in the back and front square foot beds are ready for some fall weather. All the seeds in the front two beds are up now, more or less, with the radishes (last photo) in the lead at week 3. Maybe I should have used more transplants in the front, but I'm hoping all the seedlings survive this stage!


Emily said...

good luck with your seedlings! i need to do more transplants next fall too--a lot of my seedlings were eaten by slugs. they thinned out at least half of my radishes but luckily i planted a ton. does it ever freeze where you are?

Amy said...

I didn't even consider slugs! We get a few just-freezing nights over the winter, but hard freezes aren't so common. I only covered plants once last year, and almost everything came back (except for a plumeria and a couple of angel's trumpets in pots).