Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Other Lady Bird Wildflower Center

So, the Wildflower Center is full of flowers and grasses at their peak of interest, but did I come back with photos of soft blue stands of mistflower covered in butterflies, ethereal clouds of gulf muhly, or the saffron stalks of goldenrod? Of the nifty stock tank planters? No. Just like in Neil Gaiman's Coraline, I found the "other" wildflower center.

From the top: mini Cathedral of Junk, a soldier butterfly (or queen? does anyone know?), and a quirky garden sculpture.

This is just the second time I've visited the center, and since the other time was during the spring madness of the plant sale, it was really my first time to look around. Can't wait to come back in spring and see it at its blooming best.


Emily said...

wow these are so great! the "cathedral of junk" especially.

Kate said...

Well, I love that cathedral of junk. And, I think I'll have to borrow that title for my messy garage (which no longer fits the car.)

Amy said...

Yes, I think I have a couple of areas I might have to call 'altars of junk' at my house.