Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The slow progress of Mountain Laurels

Someone asked me the other day whether the mountain laurels had always been there. Which made me wonder how much they'd grown over the years I've been here, so I went looking through past photos. The picture above is from 5 or 6 years ago. Below is from today.
Well, no wonder I feel like I can't see the birds and butterflies in the curbside bed from the kitchen window anymore! These guys are all grown up, with the tallest at the level of the eaves. But in real time, it felt like these shrubby trees were hanging out at the same size forever.

So, hang in there anyone who's wondering if their mountain laurels are doomed to stay small!


katina said...

Nice to know--I grew my mountain laurels from seeds which I started over a year ago. the 'trees' are currently only 3" high.

Amy said...

Well, I've heard they're very hard to grow from seed in your yard, so you've already done well!