Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: September 2010

From the top: indigo spires salvia; Turk's cap and inland sea oats; thryallis (aka 'rain of gold'); Mexican sunflower (aka tithonia); firespike (which the hummingbirds visited last week); 'golden' cosmos; cypress vine; 'coral nymph' salvia; end of season obedient plant; chives (a baby anole lizard has been hanging out in them the past week, catching visiting insects); firebush (planted in July) and trailing lantana; Mexican petunia; 'hot lips' autumn sage; Mexican sage and Texas sage. Not shown, but blooming: Russian sage, chaste tree, flame acanthus.

Interesting how many of my plants have 'Mexican' or 'fire' in the name. Thanks to the Hermine deluge last week (my rain gauge only measures up to 5 inches, but we got a couple more than that), everything looks pretty happy right now. And I haven't had to water anything in the ground since, which is such a luxury for summer. Despite the fact that school has started, the day-time weather doesn't realize that it's fall yet, and we're still hanging out in the mid-90's.

To see more gardens around the world, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens. It's been so much fun to participate in the monthly look at what's blooming and a nice journal of what's going on in my own garden seasonally. Happy Bloom Day!

6 comments: said...

Really lovely images. I love the reds and oranges. Such a taste of Fall.

Kate said...

Hi, Amy;
Your gardens are looking so lovely. Lucky you to have plentiful rains. I'm sure that makes the flowers - and the gardener - very happy. :)

noel said...

aloha amy

i'm enjoying touring your garden with you today, i'm really enjoying my visit. you have all the colors of the rainbow in your garden blooming today :)

Birdwoman said...

I see we have several plants in common but I must admit your look better than mine. Gorgeous pictures.

ConsciousGardener said...

That's a beautiful photo of the turks cap unfolding, nice composition!

RBell said...

Your Firespike sure looks happy (my shade and stingy watering made me give up on them). Quite nice.