Monday, August 30, 2010

Buds and bugs

So, I bought 3 angel's trumpet plants (4"pots) a few years ago at the Ladybird Center plants sale...and did nothing with them, except move them to slightly larger plastic pots every year. Only one made it through this last winter, and FINALLY it looks like I'll get blooms from it. I had no idea the buds were so tall (they grow inches in a day, and are almost 10 inches at the moment). Also, I assumed they'd be white, but these seem yellow with a dusty mauve. Very exciting!
On the less glamorous side, 4 queen butterflies stripped the milkweed I planted in July and are furiously searching for more milkweed-y goodness. Sorry guys! I'll have to plant some more this fall. I'm hoping they got enough to get to cocoon stage.
And these horrible cactus bugs showed up on my prickly pear not too long ago. I guess they're pretty common, but I can't say I'm a fan. (The up-close shot was pretty fearsome, so I settled for a bit further back)


Paul said...

Daturas are weird like that! I had a double bloomed cream one in a pot for 2 yrs. It was nice. Not great, just nice. Then I stuck it in the ground a season later and the blooms turned yellow and smelled pretty (they didn't before). Like all nightshades, they appear to love and respond dramatically to deep, rich-rich soil.

No idea what those cactus bugs are. As long as they're not stinkbugs or mealybugs (and they're not), I can't hate them too much.

Amy said...

I never thought about angel's trumpets having a scent. These opened up last night with an amazing perfume up close; this morning they didn't smell like anything at all. Maybe I'll try getting this guy in the ground when it cools off. Thanks for the advice!

katina said...

I had some queen caterpillars on my milkweed too, but then, the day after I noticed them, they were gone. I think the wasps got them.