Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: July 2014

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (hosted by May Dreams Gardens)! Today is overcast with light sprinkles, but the past week has been pretty hard on the landscape. Austin has been lucky this year that full summer started late, but it is finally here. We're moving into the season of flame-colored blooms... 

Blackfoot daisy against bronze fennel and Mexican feathergrass IMG_7079
Chocolate cosmos
Coral bean (this color makes my heart happy) IMG_7074
Coral bean against golden thryallis IMG_7071
Bronze fennel behind globe mallow
Verbena bonariensis and artemisia
Tatume squash vines in bloom (you can spot one squash to the right of the tree base...these go from baseball to softball size in less than a day!)
IMG_7088 IMG_7086
Trumpet vine monster
Swallowtails, ladybugs and aphids all living in fennel blooms
Cigar plant
Fireworks gomphrena
Loving the way dittany of crete drapes over the pot (bees love it, too)
IMG_7100 IMG_7102
Soapwort (Bouncing Bet) is getting leggy, but she still looks lovely
First crinum to bloom this year!
Okay, not blooms but these are from this morning's harvest and are something to look forward to in the summer garden.


Dorothy Borders said...

Oooh! Love that chocolate cosmos. The packet of seed that I planted had mixed colors, but none of them chocolate. I wish! Those figs make my mouth water. I lost my fig tree to the last winter - only because the tree was not doing that well before. Your July garden is beautiful. I enjoyed my visit.

Jean Campbell said...

Oh. My gomphrena seeds failed to come up. They mix so well with others.

Figs are abundant here too.