Monday, March 18, 2013

Old Black Magic in the Garden

IMG_6038 IMG_6031 IMG_6040 So, this was a surprise. I'm not sure if it's actually an Old Black Magic iris, but that's the closest I could find when I searched images on line. The petals are more black than burgundy when not photographed in full sun. This iris is one of the dozens that I dug up right after I bought the house a couple of years ago, as they were right smack in the way of foundation work being done.  Below: The mystery bunch of irises (and daylilies) I inherited with the house, in their original spot.
I have yet to figure out the secret of getting irises to bloom: am I using too much bone meal? too little? are they planted too deep? Exhibit A: these were planted last spring, got a bit of bone meal in the fall, have beautiful strappy foliage, and no sign of a bud anywhere.IMG_6005
But each rare time an iris does bloom, I think: "Oh, so that's the color I planted there." This time, the reveal was delightful, especially next to the pale orange flowers of the Indian mallow. IMG_5997


Lancashire rose said...

Your iris certainly is a beauty. I hope one day you will have enough to share. I always have loads of the purple on in case you would like some. Maybe the ones you have are later bloomers. My peach is a very early bloomer. December, but I have a yellow one that blooms in the summer. I never feed mine, keep their rhizomes above the soil. They seem to enjoy neglect which suits me.

R N said...

The Indian Mallow and Iris look wonderful together! I've yet to plant bulbs, by the time I think I might like to the window has shut and it is too late.

Amy Farrier said...

Lancashire Rose: Ooh, I would love to have some purple iris, although I suppose I should map things out first: hazards of a smaller yard. I'm glad to hear that iris like neglect because I can do that! :) Fingers crossed that my other iris are late bloomers.

RN: Still getting the bulb timing down myself; some of these were dug up in spring, roughly divided, dumped in a pot with some dirt, and not planted in the landscape for a year...the good thing for those of us new to bulbs: iris are survivors!