Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mysteries in shades of pink

This flower survived the foundation work last summer and came up in the same spot. IMG_1475
The girlie pink frills are so unexpected in a survivor plant (probably helps that it's near the AC unit). I have no idea what it is. Double vinca? IMG_1477
When I got back into town a week and a half ago, one of the last two watermelons looked like this: P1020982
A couple of days later, it looked like this: P1020988
And the other one (raccoons?): P1020994
Less mysterious, Benary's Giant zinnias in pale pink: P1020979 P1020981
And hot pink:
Who knew that pink would be the signature shade of a late summer garden in Austin? Or that we'd have rain and cooler weather in mid-August? I love surprises!


Mulish said...

Oh, gosh. I only got 2 watermelon this year. One I picked to early and gave to the hens, the other rotted on the vine. I couldn't believe it. Maybe next year will be better. I had great luck with cantaloupe a few years back.

Amy Farrier said...

Wish I had chickens to feed the underripe and damaged melons to! They just went into the compost pile. Did end up getting two fully ripe sugar baby melons this summer, and two only slightly underripe ones. But I'd like to add cantaloupe to next year's plantings!