Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: August 2011

Not much color in the garden these days, except for green and brown; but since it's the last Bloom Day before I move, I thought I'd share a few images. From the top: rock rose, chaste tree (this has been a dependable source of nectar all summer for the bees), the front garden (the chaste tree is on the right, mountain laurel thriving on the left), basil flowers, and oregano blooms (really, these are flowers, though they look more like foliage). I know it's still a month or two away, but I'm looking forward to the end of the blazing heat. Sigh.

To see what's blooming in less fried gardens around the world, visit May Dreams Gardens where Carol hosts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you folks from Texas and OK. get some rain soon and plenty of it. I also love Chaste Trees, I got a cultivar called 'Shoal Creek', I really love it and like your bees, seems my bees love out too. Here is something you might find interesting, I did:

Thanks for inviting me into your garden and I hope you'll visit us sometimes.

RBell said...

Don't believe I've ever seen a Rock Rose with that spread open of a bloom. Happy GBBD!

Amy said...

Paul, thanks for the link; lots of good info. My chaste tree is a 'cut-leaf', which is less robust than the Texas superstar versions most people have around here. Still a superstar to me, though.

RBell: Maybe it's the heat? And happy bloom day to you, too.