Thursday, March 24, 2011

First evening primroses of the year

I thought it might be a couple more days before they opened, but this morning I saw about a dozen pink blooms in the front bed. Pretty soon: hundreds! In the second photo, they're mixed in with larkspur and copper canyon foliage. Below: the zucchini started blooming yesterday.


Cat said...

I just saw these on the side of the road today coming into our neighborhood. They are such sweet flowers!

My copper canyon was new in the fall and tiny (4" pot). It's trying to come back - hoping it will.

Amy said...

My copper canyon went in last year, too, and I was a little worried about it. But it surprised me with its hardiness. I think it may have been a larger size, but fingers crossed that yours kicks in soon!

Emily said...

wow, zucchini! that's awesome. very pretty primroses too.