Thursday, February 24, 2011

Growth again in the garden

It might still be February, but you wouldn't know that from the warm afternoons this past week. Straight from cold, dry winter to humid, warm spring. Daffodils are out in full force, trees are starting to bloom, and dead looking perennials are coming back to life.

In the backyard, things are a long way from lush, but there are definite signs of life:
A redbud in bloom
Pineapple sage
I didn't think the lemongrass would come back so soon (if at all)
Lemon balm
Iris and strawberry runners
The geranium has been cheerfully blooming while awaiting a bigger pot
Tropicana canna seems to be a survivor (year 4 in this pot)
First winter I've been able to keep one of these succulents alive
New stuff to plant

In the front yard, more green things:
Butterfly weed coming back at the base
Freesia that were covered during the freezes (the others lost foliage but are slowly coming back)
A mix of coreopsis, standing cypress, larkspur, evening primrose, and weedy seedlings
Some coreopsis and standing cypress that jumped out of the bed and into the gravel
I've had to cut broccoli every day lately, but it's too pale and close to blooming in this warmer weather. Cold weather, sweet flavor. Onions and hollyhock seem to like it, though.
Cilantro has doubled in size the past week, and the kale looks bigger. I could stand to replant most of this bed.


RBell said...

Good to see so much returning green after such a hard winter.

Cat said...

There was a lot coming back in my garden today too! I'm glad your cilantro made it through the freezes. Did you cover it? I lost my cilantro and dill plants ;/

Amy said...

Sorry to hear the herbs didn't make it! I did cover both vegetable plots in the front (the fitted sheets that my cat has sliced open the elastic make perfect covers for these square beds).

And, yes, that was a hard winter!