Saturday, March 14, 2009

After the rain

So nice to have real rain! Just over 2 inches since Wednesday, according to the gauge, with a slight possibility of more tomorrow. And then sun (and warmth) on Monday. The lawn's about to go crazy. Here's what's going in the back right now:

The cool weather veggies, like chard, kale, and mache, are loving this. Fennel and dill, too. The shallots are looking great, and beet and radish seedlings are coming along. I planted one tomato in this bed Monday, and it's hanging in there with no help from me. The freesia bulbs I planted three falls ago are a bit crowded but still producing the most amazing scented flowers (except for the white ones which smell like pepper). My own mini cutting garden.

And these are 7 of the 8 tomatoes I picked up at the Sunshine Community Garden sale last weekend. Definitely a case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach...or full-sun spots, anyway. These back beds really only get anything approaching full sun in the winter when the cottonwood and hackberry are bare. Guess I'll be buying lots of pots at Home Depot in the next few days, since these guys really need to get in some dirt soon.

These inland sea oats are thriving on the rain barrel runoff.

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